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A List of Vocabulary Words

There are times you hear some people use words that you don’t understand and you can’t make any sense of. You are also too ashamed to ask what the word means. It is at moments like this that you which you had a dictionary or a list of vocabulary words you can plug into the conversation so that you look a little intelligent. Words are a communication tool and improving your vocabulary can be beneficial in manners ways. The fact that you know a lot doesn’t mean you should learn how to use your knowledge. The more you learn, the easier it will be to express yourself with ease. Some people try to improve their vocabulary by learning a lot of words just because they want to impress others. If you know a lot but you come accross as an idiot, your efforts would have gone to waste.

By the time you get up to speed with new a list of vocabulary words, someone, somwhere would have invented a new word. That is the whole fun of languages. They are constantly evolving. Here are a few words that you can add to your vocabulary list and use from time to time as an intellectual challenge.


1 – Ubiquitous -

The most deficult thing about this word is not the meaning but the pronounciation. The word Ubiquitous is similar to Omni-present. It means to be everywhere at the same time.

You can add this to your list of vocabulary words and use it as follows

I love the idea that women are ubiquitous, I can ‘tseem to get enough.

McDonald’s restaurants are ubiquitous and I will throw up at the sight of another BigMac.

The internet is ubiquitous and access is cheap.

The best way to correctly use the word Ubiquitous is trying to replace it with “widespread” or “is everywhere” or “are everywhere”.

2 – Caustic -

This is a word that can be used to describe the corrosion. When it comes  to everyday use, Caustic is related to a very harsh word or remark

He made a caustic remark about is new pair of Shoes

The woman has got a caustic tongue

This word is often used to describe a hurtful sarcasm.

You look so pretty at birth that your mother put you up for adoption

The comment above is caustic

If you are wonder how to use this word in your list of vocabulary, you can often try to replace Caustic with Harsh

3 – Ostentatious -

This is another interesting words to add to your arsenal of vocabulary. The word Ostentatious means to show off

He has an Ostentatious way of showing his love

She Ostentatiously display her diamond wedding ring for all to see

Rich people tend to lead an Ostentatious lifestyle

If I were rich, I will Ostentatious let everyone know that I am the new kid in town.


4 – Lurid -

This is a word than can be used on a daily basis because of the constant crazy situation in the world. Lurid means Gruesome or Horribly Shocking.

The newspaper describe all the Lurid details of the robbery

The pictures were Lurid that even the most hardcore will have to look away.

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You don’t have to go into such Lurid details.

There is always an element of shock and horror when you have to use the word Lurid.

5 – Paradox -

This is an interesting word that you can use in many situation where logic isn’t making progress. Paradox means something that is contrary to common perception.

It is a Paradox that men now trying to get in touch with their feminine side

That guy is a Paradox, he comes out with something strange just when you think you’ve got him figured out.

The fact that computers are supposed to be easy is a Paradox. You almost need a degree to switch them on

 6 – Suave -

This definitely belongs in your list of vocabulary words if want to appear more intelligent. It means to be a smooth like a “Smooth operator”

When a guy is said to be Suave, he is often very good with women and that quality means women fall over for him. A Suave person isn’t always the most trustworthy but that is all part of the package.

Jones is Suave and intelligent and that is why I hate him

He is so Suave he makes it look so simple


This is word is often used to describe a skill way to accomplish something. It is almost like a magician working is art on the audience. It is a little word that can add a little “je ne sais quoi” to your vocabulary.


7 – Fastidious-

This is an interesting word that should be in your vocabulary because it will definitely be useful in many situations. It means to be demanding or difficult to please. It can also relate to being meticulous to a point that it causes exasperation.

Learning a new language can be Fastidious

Preparing your wedding day is the most Fastidious and exciting thing in life

Losing weight is a Fastidicious experience.

The example above reflect the use of the word with regards to meaning “demanding”

When it comes to using Fastidious to mean being meticulous,

I am so Fastidious when I do my homework

You need to be Fastidious if you want to get it right